How to find a good partner factory in China

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Factory Dating: Finding a good partner factory.

So, how do you look for a good partner factory in China to make your product? To start, you can look for factories online on, for example, Alibaba, and send several factories a message. Within a few hours, you receive a few responses. Well, that was easy! You go with the factory you “connect” with the most and start getting to know each other. You’ve now officially started factory dating!

Finding a good factory to produce your product in China is a lot like online dating, except that you may (probably) never meet them face-to-face but are considering spending thousands of dollars on them.

But…who are they really?

Without further ado, here are the top 3 things to ask when looking for a good partner factory in China:

  • What types of products has this Chinese factory made in the past? Firstly, look through their website and review their portfolio. Based on the way they communicate with you, you can usually get a general sense of whether they are trustworthy. Ask the Chinese factory contact LOTS of questions. If he or she answers your questions with detail and knowledge, then they have potential to be a good fit to manufacture your product. Alternatively, does their portfolio show a mish-mash of random products? Is he or she vague in his response and unable give you detailed answers? The factory is likely a trading company and may not actually produce the products (we will discuss more on this in future articles).
  • Who does the Chinese factory currently work with? Any factory can name any company they please. For example, I can say I have dated Ryan Gosling! This is difficult to check and prove at times but there are other ways to confirm this through alternate sources.  If they have produced for manufacturers located in Europe or North America, this is a good sign that they can meet high quality and testing standards.
  • Communication. How quickly does the Chinese factory respond to you? Typically, you should be getting responses on a daily basis. This will indicate to you how interested they are in working on your product. In addition, there are so many ways to talk to factories now –  email, WeChat, whatsapp, Skype, FaceTime, from your phone in real time…up until 3am if you want! Just like dating!

There will be bumps along the way, and you should expect this.

To emphasize, it is necessary and important to invest time and money and get know your factory and their capabilities.  It is worth it. Know who they are (trustworthy), who they claim to be (quality), and if they do as promised (no shortcuts!).

We have dated A LOT! So, if you want to produce your product overseas in China and don’t want to be dating around or chatting until 3am on a regular basis, contact us.

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