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In the world of fashion and design, some things will never go out of style. A tried and true classic, always well received, is the minimalist aesthetic. You can find this everywhere: from fashion, to interior design, to graphic design. If you ever get designer’s block on your next project, go with a classic and you’ll be in the clear, at least for a little while. The thing about classic styles is that it’s a relatively safe option. However, as a designer, you need to be up to date with all the latest trends and styles to be ahead of the game. Forecasting upcoming trends is literally predicting the future, hard to do unless you are a psychic (or Anna Wintour of Vogue – she IS fashion).  I mean, did you ever expect those dangly chokers, Spice Girls hair buns, and cassette tapes to come back in style?

Well we did, here is a fun fact: we can actually predict 15 hours ahead into the future! How, you ask? Well, because our suppliers are in China, they get the latest news on what is hot in the stationery 15 hours before we do! I know it’s not 6 months into the future, but hey, stick with us and you’ll get that 15 hour edge. As always, we like to share our knowledge and time traveling superpower, so here is a breakdown of what is hot in stationery right now, and what we can expect to see into the fall and winter.

Taking a step back

Trends are a reflection of our society. As we go about our daily always-on-the-go routines, it seems like we are never able get a moment to ourselves and unwind. This desire for introspective exploration has spawned a huge spike in Journals. With inspirational speakers like Tony Robbins and successful CEOs endorsing the power of meditation, self-reflection and journaling, it is no wonder why so many people have decided to incorporate journaling as a lifestyle habit. Lifestyle diaries, journals, planners and even adult colouring books, gives us all a chance to step away from our screens, unplug, and enjoy the calming visceral experience of putting pen to paper.

Visual diaries are great!

Who doesn’t want to write in one of these?

If you do not have accessories, you will not survive.

You wouldn’t go out to a fancy dinner wearing a beautiful dress or suit and not have the perfect pair of shoes to go with it right? We wouldn’t, and neither should stationery. Accessories are just as important as the centerpiece; it’s the cherry on top that ties everything together. With notebooks and journals being the hottest thing right now, there is no better accessory than a beautiful pen.

Well a pen needs a pen holder right?

The hot trend right now is all about matching themes for your workspace, from colored pencils/pens, to paper clip holders, to sticky note pads. A beautiful and organized workspace helps to promote inspiration and creativity.

The best kind of OCD



Colors and Elements to Watch For

Every year, we see bright and vibrant colors during the spring and summer months. This year is no different; in fact, we kicked it up a notch. Trending this year along with the classics like marble, monochromes, metallic, and pastel colors, are kaleidoscope themed colors. The combination of pastel and gold seem to be staying around for a while. The particularly popular combination of pastel colors we are seeing is pink and mint green. And FOIL, of course, lots of foil!

It’s never easy to say goodbye to summer. As the cold chills of fall slowly creep into our lives, we express our desire for warmth in many ways: fireplaces, hot chocolates, cozy sweaters, and even our color choices. The color palette for Fall this year is leaning more towards warmth Grenadine, Autumn Maple, Butterum, Shaded Spruce, and Tawny Port, all of which give off the cozy fuzzy slippers and warm blanket by the fireplace vibe. On a more neutral palette, we have Ballet Slipper, Navy Peony, and Neutral Gray, along with accent colors like Golden Lime and Calm Marina blue. We already see these color palettes on the runways of New York and Paris, it’s only a matter of time before they’re on the cover of your next project.

Now that we have armed you with all the juicy information you need to stay hip and with it (they still say that right?), we would love to see you put these ideas to the test. What do you think about these trends? Which trends would you like to see in the future? Do you have a unique design idea that you would like to share with the world? Contact us today and ask us how we can make that idea into a reality.

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