What is Washi Tape?

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Hello! We just returned from China to visit various factories and one of them was a washi tape factory. Here are some things you should know about washi paper before we get started:

  • It is originally a Japanese paper: wa” means Japanese and “shi” means paper.
  • Washi paper is made using 3 main plant fibers, all of which give it strength, flexibility, durability.
  • It lends itself well to printing and foiling.

Now, you add an adhesive to the washi paper, and voila! Washi Tape is born. Washi Tape has grown extremely popular in crafting in the last 10 years and is extremely versatile. The adhesive used in washi tape is a removable adhesive and is very forgivable. There are so many designs available on washi tape, that you can select your favourite design and personalize any standard item that you may have lying around.

  1. Take your favorite washi tape design

adhere washi tape to pencils

2. Pick up a plain, standard pencil and wrap washi tape around the pencil. Admire!

Here you can see how easy it is to incorporate washi into every day life to make things pop a little brighter!

If you want to get even craftier, you can purchase larger sheets of washi tape and use it to create a custom card for the upcoming holidays!

Of course, since washi tape is so popular we are always looking for the best factories there are to work with. We did the grand tour with one factory and here are some highlights from this visit.

Several washi designs can be combined onto one plate and repeated, we can help guide you along this process when it comes time to creating artwork.

Once that is done, the design is printed on a large roll, up to a desired length.

The roll then goes to a cutting machine where each tape design is cut to a specified width.

If you want to get in on this washi tape train, drop us a line!

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