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It seems like everything plant-based gets special treatment: Vegans, Vegetarians, and yes, even paper.

We look forward to taking your special treatment paper orders! If you haven’t realized by now, we love and absolutely encourage you to use your imagination to the fullest when creating your next project. We work hand in hand with our suppliers in China, constantly hunting for new trends and techniques to help elevate your paper game to a brand new level.

Whether you are making a scrapbook, notebooks, or post cards, spice it up with one of these creative techniques below to create an eye-catching product that will make even the coffee shop hipsters ask you where you got it. To which you can reply, “Oh this? It’s my own custom design”. Let’s make a deal, we’ll let you take all the credit for it (I mean, it is your vision after all), but only if we are able to deliver your product with your exact specifications, and your experience working with us is nothing but the best. Not going to lie, it is a pretty good deal.

Here are some paper treatment techniques to make your next project feel extra special, without putting a diamond ring on it (get it?).


Foil Stamping (Hot Foil Stamping/Foil Application)


Want to give your project an extra luxurious feel? Throw some gold on it, or whatever other color that tickles your fancy by using this technique.


How does it work?

The technique itself is rather quite simple.

  1. Find a metallic foil you want to apply to your project
  2. Create your own artwork which will be translated to a metal foil die
  3. Heat up the metal die
  4. Use the heated metal die to stamp the foil onto your project
  5. Voila!



Foil stamping doesn’t stand out enough for you? Use glitter! Glitter isn’t just for kids or something you send to your enemies in an envelope anymore. A glitter finish is sure to attract those eyes from a mile away!


How does it work?

  1. Pick the project you want to throw some glitter on
  2. Find some awesome glitter that you like from a catalogue or one that you sourced locally to match
  3. Create your own artwork which will be translated to a glue pattern
  4. Glitter will be applied either by hand or by machine.
  5. Enjoy the beautiful sparkly finished product!
  6. Spend 2 months trying clean glitter from your house and cat




Use embossing to make that logo stand out, literally! Create a different dimension in your project by using this technique.


How does it work?

Well, embossing is popping out or raising a pattern, while debossing creates an indented pattern.

  1. Decide whether you want to emboss or deboss
  2. Make sure your paper/card is facing right side up
  3. Find/make a pattern using stencils or dies
  4. Create your own artwork as to where you want your pattern to be embossed or debossed.
  5. The art will be translated to a metal embossing/debossing die.
  6. A very power machine will stamp your design on your selected paper stock resulting in an awesome and tactile product!

Bonus: use this technique in combination with foil stamping/glitter finishing for some extra pizazz.


Laser cutting

The allure of laser cutting is the intricate designs it can create. Feeling extra fancy? Use laser cutting to create lace and other impossible to draw by hand designs for your next project.

How does it work?

Unless you buy a laser cutter at home, you’re going to have to go to a professional for this.

  1. Choose a logo, photo, pattern, or some crazy design online
  2. Find a shop (or us) that does laser cutting
  3. Send your supplier the design
  4. Pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you did


Die Cutting


Die cutting is very similar to laser cutting, in that it cuts out a pattern on the paper, but that’s pretty much it. Die cutting can be using a die machine, which can be purchased in craft stores. Or if you have a big job, we can help with creating your own die cut papers, stickers, notebooks!  However, it is more difficult to reproduce the same intricate details of a pattern than if you were to use laser cutting.

How does it work?

Die cutting is good for simpler, rounded designs.

  1. Create your die artwork and your print artwork, making sure to leave some space (1/8-3/8″ to allow for some tolerance) on your die art.
  2. We will do the rest, die cut, print, remove wastage (if you want), package and ship directly to your warehouse.

Which of those techniques above is your favourite? Which one do you think you would like to try out? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments about the different techniques we have discussed today, so give us a shout! We look forward to helping you with your next creative project!

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