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Traveling to China is an adventure. Looking for factories in China can be interesting to see how each one operates, evaluating strengths and weaknesses. Eating meals with the factory and management to build relationships and to build trust. In your head you are sorting where they would fit in your sourcing spectrum.  How the techniques you see could be utilized in a different market or space.

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Everyone does the above, right? Over the years we hear a lot of stories from people that work with Chinese manufacturers but the percent that have been to the actual factory is a small percentage. Some people meet them online, at a tradeshow, or you may meet in their sales office. Unless you spend the time to do the work and go meet them at the facility you have not done proper due diligence.

Meet Suppliers – Build relationships

It is very important to meet and build relationships with your suppliers. If you have a strong relationship suppliers will work with you on difficult requests. A great product in a booth is not the same as visiting the facility and seeing that product being produced and how it gets produced. Remember that these factories are very busy; majority are at or near full capacity. For you to be heard you need to ensure that you have a strong relationship, you need to know the upper management and owners.

This takes time, not just to develop these relationships, but also to get to the factories. Quite often the factories are 2-3 hours from the urban centers and there is a lot of driving and waiting. As a result these drives can be a great way to improve your patience! But to make these trips is work and an investment of time. We do this for our clients because this is our day to day business, we build strong and long-lasting relationships that benefits you directly.


With financing terms, suppliers that stand behind their product and controls within a factory to help with difficult or time sensitive requests. We handle the factory side for you so that you can focus on creating, selling, marketing, warehousing, financing, staffing …and everything else that you need for your successful business. Contact us if you want to hear more!

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