How does your fee structure work?

We can tailor our fee structure based on your needs.  The typical arrangement is a fee built into the unit price of the product. The cost will cover our day to day management of the project, factory, quality control and shipping coordination.

What are typical timelines with new products? What are typical timelines with reorders?

All below timelines are based on ocean shipping.

For new standard print jobs, the total timeline from start to delivery is about 90-120 days.
For more complex jobs, which require technical drawings and molding, the total timeline from start to delivery is about 120-150 days.

Reorders will take about 60-90 days from PO to delivery depending on the product.

Do you conduct quality control checks?

Yes, we have our own independent quality control department that will travel to the factory and inspect the goods based on your approved sample. They are also trained to conduct press checks as long as you provide us with a print proof. This helps speed up the process during sampling to reduce any back and forth and saves you time and money.

How is product payment structured?

For tooling, it is 100% payment upon confirmation.

For PO’s, it is 30% deposit upon confirmation and 70% balance upon sight of Bill of Lading.

After several projects, we are flexible and can offer alternative payment structures.

What factories do you work with? Where are they located?

We work with factories that we have personally visited and audited. Currently, all of our factories are located in China but we are always looking for other opportunities.

Are you paid by the factories?

No, we are not paid by any factories. This allows us to provide you with the best factory for your product without any conflict of interest.

Who are some companies you work with?

We work with many major industry-leading companies within the craft and hobby industry.

How does the process work with the development cycle?

After our initial discussion, you will submit artwork for your product along with dimensions and packaging. We will review the specifications and select the top 2-3 factories to quote the product. Once these are gathered, we will summarize and provide you with costs, FOB China or Landed price.

Do you handle shipping from factory to our warehouse?

Yes, we can help with partnering you with a freight forwarder to ship your goods from China to your warehouse.

If you have your own freight forwarder, we can work with them as well to arrange shipping.

What materials do you work with?

We work mainly with paper, plastic, and metal items.

We have also produced various paper craft tools in the past as well.

Do you have samples of products that you have produced?

We will be posting some examples on our website very shortly.

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