Our Approach

Time is money! In order to maximize our work day and to be as transparent as possible, we use project management and cloud storage systems to document the entire process. As a project is confirmed, we establish timelines for the project which is visible to our customers at any moment. This allows all of our communication to be documented which can be easily searchable at any moment. With all of the communication and documents in one central area, it is easy to refer back to, and eliminates a lot of time wasted trying to find emails.

Here is a comment from one client on the platform that we have introduced to them:

“Can I just tell you how wonderful it is to communicate with you via your platform, you just don’t know how wonderful this is.  We love it! Thank you a million times over.”

Shipping & Logistics

We have dedicated staff in our Hong Kong office that handle all the documentation, scheduling, vessel booking and any other issue or items that  come up to get your product out of the factory on time.

Whether you are doing drop ships direct to retailers, direct export to other countries from China, or any other shipping arrangements we can help.

CREA can partner you with a freight forwarder or can work with your existing freight forwarder.

All documentation is taken care of – all you need to do is sign for the products when they arrive at your warehouse.


Quality Control

You may worry about what you may be getting once it ships. You may feel stress if the product will be good or bad.

It’s ok, we got your back.

Our staff work solely for CREA Innovations and are responsible for QC of every shipment that leaves the factory.  That means you can be sure that your product is physically inspected by someone that cares.

Leaving your QC up to the factory is a risky prospect.  Having this ‘double check’ means nothing when things are going well.  This is insurance against anything going wrong, until you know the pain of a bad shipment you will not realize this value.


Packaging Design

Drill down into the details of your approach to Packaging Design, focusing on how your processes help ensure product visibility on the retail shelf.

Making great product and making it standout in the retail world is very important.

We can provide you complete line design or a different take on your products or packaging.  That may be all it takes to take an average product to a top seller.


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