Our Story

In 2006 when the company we were working for unexpectedly shut down, we couldn’t face letting our existing clients down.  Thus CREA Innovations was born.   We had already established strong relationships with our existing clients and wanted to keep their supply chain intact and we love keeping ourselves busy! We were in our mid-20’s so why not?

We started with 3 people and now have 8 people between our Canadian, Hong Kong, and China offices. We love creating new products and developing trends.

We are happily married with two young boys, who keep us equally busy when we are not working (but as owners, we never really have “downtime”). We enjoy travelling (while working), hiking, playing sports and spending time with family.

Our Team

In Vancouver, our team manages the sales and develop client relationships. We can consult with you on how the product development process works and develop new product lines.

In Hong Kong, our team manages the day-to-day communication and management of each PO, directly with the factory. Team members also travel to China regularly to conduct various QC jobs as required.

In China, our QC team conducts site visits to source materials, research different manufacturing capabilities and of course, to conduct quality control checks in the final stages prior to shipping.

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Our Factories

Over the years we have cultivated relationships with some of the best manufacturing companies in China who match our exacting needs when it comes to skill set, quality and pricing.

Contact Us

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