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Get to know a bit about our team in our Vancouver and Hong Kong offices.

Vancouver Team

  • Anny Ko
    Anny Ko

    Anny is one of the owners of CREA Innovations, Ltd. She enjoys seeing how trends applies to new products and seeing them come to “life”. It is satisfying to see a product in stores and acknowledge all of the work put into it, from designers to the actual workers who make the products. It is amazing to see the many hands that go into creating a new product. She enjoys the creative side of product development and helping clients create a beautiful, quality finished product.

    Anny loves spending time with her husband and boys, traveling and reading.

  • Craig Hansen
    Craig Hansen

    Craig is one of the owners of CREA Innovations, Ltd. He enjoys the connections made in business, people from all walks of life and backgrounds. He enjoys meeting companies and establishing relationships with people. In our business figuring out the best most efficient way to make things happen is what he enjoys.

    His wife, Anny, and their 2 boys are the best things that have happened to him .  He loves spending time with them whether it is camping, hiking or the weekend Costco run. But he does have to play hockey once a week or he feels lost.

Hong Kong Team

  • Phoebe Lam
    Phoebe Lam

    Phoebe is our General Manager in our Hong Kong office. She studied Chinese Language and History in College.

    Phoebe is an integral part of CREA since the beginning. She manages our Hong Kong staff and works with the factories on a daily basis. She likes product development and has a lot of satisfaction seeing the final products.  She loves jogging and cooking.

    She likes DIY albums as she can put her favourite pictures in it to make a great memory.

  • Samuel Lai
    Samuel Lai

    Samuel is our Quality Control Coordinator. He has been with CREA for more than 6 years and has more than 10 years experience in the QC field.

    He works and lives in mainland China.  Most of the time, he works in Guangdong Province and flies to Zhejiang Province from time to time.  He makes sure that your products are made to your expectations and specifications.

    He likes badminton and hiking.  He enjoys spending time with his family (he has one girl and one boy).

  • Crystal Zhou
    Crystal Zhou

    Crystal is our Shipping Coordinator. She graduated from Seventieth Seven Secondary School in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

    Crystal likes Shipping Management because every individual and business depends on shipping management. It is the movement of people, raw material and finished goods. Crystal enjoys coordinating shipments and consolidating shipments between several factories to ship together which is beneficial to both client and factories.

    She likes reading, listening to music, and spending time with friends.

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