CREA Innovations, Ltd. specializes in sourcing and manufacturing in China with YOUR needs in mind. We are IN China and we do this all day every day. We source the right factory to fit your needs. Our experienced factory network delivers quality product that we are proud to stand behind.

We break down the process into simple stages so that it is easy to follow.

Our streamlined project management system and product development process includes updated timelines, costs, and estimated shipping costs to allow you to plan and budget accordingly. You will have full transparency throughout the process.

You want to be proud of your product. We do too.

CREA has its own quality control team based in Hong Kong and China. We do not ship out product until it meets your expectations.

We encourage you to BE CREATIVE and GROW.

Offshore Manufacturing Scrapbooking

Over the last 10 + years, we have developed our factory network specializing in paper craft and scrapbooking products. We have audited factories and hand-picked our top choices so you won’t have to.


Offshore Manufacturing Stationery

Due to the growing popularity of journals, printed books, and bound products, we have researched and sourced the most reputable factories that specialize in planners, journals and more.


Our Approach

We continually audit and update our list of ‘approved’ facilities based on our own stringent requirements.

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